Going to come back

Rosemary Sullivan

Last Saturday, I stopped in at the St. Armand General Store. I needed some axe handles, to fit into my newly sharpened axes. Getting ready for garden cleaning, it is always necessary to go to Le Magasin général where I can find just the right tool, good quality and the friendly help of the store owners. On this particular stop, I was talking to two other customers waiting to pay at the cash register, when another shopper came in and asked if we were together. I said “No, we are separate”. And as I walked away I realized I needed to add….“separate and together”.

We all knew each other, because we are all blessed enough to live in this small community. So while “yes” we are all individuals, we who live in St. Armand have what so few people have in the world today, a place where just about everyone, knows everyone else.

And that is why I am happy to come back to my home in Pigeon Hill every spring because I like this small place where I know people and people know me. And I have stopped apologizing for being a “snow bird“. That I go south when it gets cold is not a luxury but necessary to keep me walking and occasionally kicking up my heels. That I have found a place which is also small, Nevis, an island in the Eastern Caribbean which is about as big as from St. Armand to Bedford to Dunham to Frelighsburg to Pigeon Hill and back, is another blessing in my life. I look forward to being able to share more of my love of each place with the other. I am currently working on a series of books : “How We See Nevis”, book one : “Going to Come Back” with photographs and interviews (starting with the elders) of this small island. I look forward to interviewing you about this unique part of the world, about HOW YOU SEE ST. ARMAND for another book, a project which we can work on “together”, which means we have to get “together” and talk “together”. What about it ?

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