Sitting on the fence

Calling all readers!
Michèle Noiseux

In keeping with tradition, the undersigned has formulated a New Year’s resolution with a twist ! In 2008, the undersigned promises to take full advantage of readers’ opinions and suggestions. To accomplish this, I would like to ask that all our anglophone readers out there in Saint-Armand and the surrounding region send in suggestions for articles.

I could ‘fess up, as they say, and admit that I’m suffering from writer’s bloc, but that’s not entirely the case here. Quite simply, it dawned on me the other day that long-time residents of Saint-Armand, an of you who are intimately associated with the day-to-day events and issues of our area, should be the people most readily aware of topics that are worthy of discussion in Le Saint-Armand.

So, my friends, allow me to take full advantage of your knowledge, your insight and your life experience in our beautiful hamlet. Tell us what you would like to discuss. Give us food for thought, and share these thoughts with your fellow readers.

All of you, ladies, gentlemen, and young people over the age of 12 who wish to submit article topics, please ensure that your choice is of interest to the general public of Saint-Armand (and surrounding region), that it is well thoughtout, and that it respects the basic philosophy of Le Saint-Armand in that it :

  • Supports a meaningful community spirit in Saint-Armand ;
  • Creates awareness of our region ‘s heritage with a view to enhancing its value among municipal administrators and citi­zens alike ;
  • Looks to the future of our community and seeks to develop its potential ;
  • Opens a window on the lives of people who live here and shares their concerns ;
  • Fights to protect the environment (land, water ; flora, fauna, and the safety of its people) ;
  • Gives voice to the people ;
  • Shows visitors the beauty of our region and further its popularity ;
  • Follows the basic rules of proper ethics, openness and regard for others.

The formula will be simple enough : Send in a subject you deem worthy of public attention to me by regular mail :

  1. Noiseux

211, chemin Solomon, Saint-Armand, Québec JOJ lTO

Or by email at, no later than midnight, March 1st, 2008.

We need to set an early date so that we may contact you to announce that your topic has been chosen, to indicate its date of publication, to gather further explanations (if required), and of course, to take the time to write the article. Finally, you will be given the opportunity to read your copy for purposes of accuracy prior to publication.

Lastly, your name and telephone number must appear on your topic paper or on the email message you send so that we might contact you. Rest assured that all persona ! information will be kept in strictest confidence. Unfortunately, should you fail to submit your name and number with your topic choice, your suggestion will be turned down : anonymity is not an acceptable criterion in this case as your name will appear at the end of the article ; it would not be fair for this editor to take credit for someone else’ ideas !

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you in advance for your response to this invitation. It will be a pleasure to share your topics and ideas with the world of Saint­Armand at large.

Sincerely yours,

Michèle Noiseux, Editor, Sitting on the Fence

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