Living Buddhism through Nembutsu chanting

Lawrence Lefcort

Living Buddhism through Nembutsu chanting


How can we cultivate wisdom in our lives in order to live happier ? Nowadays, it seems that so many people are unhappy and dissatisfied in their lives. Many are troubled by family situations, health, money, stress and loneliness and often feel hopeless in their search to make their lives better. The pace of modern life and technological innovations designed to make our lives easier and allow us to feel more connected to one another are actually having the opposite effect ! We seem to have less time, more stress and feel more disconnected than ever !

To top it all off, we tend to take ourselves and our problems so seriously. It’s the little things as much as the big things that can set us off. How can we live lighter and happier in the moment ? In every moment ?

The teachings of Tao Sangha bring us back to the undeniable truth that we all share the pain of existence. We all have had traumas in our lives. We all make mistakes, screw up, and act in hurtful and stupid ways ! There is no one on this earth exempt from it. Nembutsu chanting offers us a way to overcome all this and to plant the seeds for a bright future for ourselves, our loved ones, and the world. Nembutsu is the foundation of a life with meaning and connectedness and yes, happiness in spite of our pain.

If we live a creative natural life we understand that all beings suffer, that existence is impermanent, and that everything we do and imagine to do has an effect on all beings in the universe. If we truly believe in and live by the principles of the Universe : synchronicity and connectedness, our lives will change from loneliness to connectedness, sadness to happiness, hopelessness to creativity and action. Coming together to share this pain and to wish that no one else will experience this pain is the key to unlocking the door ; to healing ourselves and others. It is the basis of Nembutsu chanting.

Through Nembutsu we can feel the free spirit of Buddhism alive and vibrant. We understand through contact with our hearts, our voices and our wishes that we can create good fortune and a good destiny for ourselves as well as for others.

I am very grateful that I discovered the teachings of Tao Sangha, as taught by Master Ryokyu Endo of Japan. Through the practice of Nembutsu Samadhi chanting, I have been able to experience the real meaning of Buddhism and to unify my heart and soul to the Source of All. As a result, I have been able to truly heal myself and others in my life : friends, Tao Shiatsu patients, loved ones and all my relations.

Nembutsu chanting is free of charge or by donation. Anyone is welcome to join, no experience necessary. Every Thursday evening from 6 – 7 PM at Les 5 Sens, 1105 rue du Sud, Cowansville.

Certified Tao Shiatsu Therapist, Tao Sangha Estrie /

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