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Rosemary Sullivan

Seven years ago I first went to the Caribbean because of health. I keep going back to St. Kitts/Nevis, “Two Islands, One Paradise”, every year because of the people there. Oh yes there is the wonderful weather and the warm ocean waves and the constant gentle breezes…and it is the beauty of the people as well as the place that embraces and heals my aging body. I hope my photographs reflect a fraction of the joy I experience in the people I have met.

Every winter when I return I bring the photos I took of my new found friends. During February tourism week I have a “photo give away” along with a photography exhibit at the cotton ginnery in the middle of Charlestown, Nevis. My purpose is to give back some of the beauty I have so come to cherish. Folks come and if they find a photo of their house or donkey, window or boat, or themselves, I give them the photo.

This past spring, Audrey Williams the first woman I met on St. Kitts came back home to Pigeon Hill with me for a month’s visit. She danced in the snow and relished the beauty of our special corner of the world. What a thrill for me to share some of my life with her. Next year Judith will come.

I have always thought of photography as a way of preserving “moments” in image form as a powerful tool of communication. Advertisers use images to get us to spend billions of dollars a year so there is no doubt about their power. And after working at Expo ‘67 I was convinced that images shape our view of each other and ourselves. I hope that my use of photography plays a small part in connecting people with each other in a deeper way, connecting people with place and building community. There has been no time in my life when I felt that learning how to become a part of a world community was more important.

Rosemary Sullivan has been using a camera to share images of the world for over 50 years. She is a member of Tournée des Arts, studio tour in Brome Missisquoi every Sept/October and exhibits in Larchmont, New York at Mamaroneck Artists Guild, Galerie Isle de “Paradiso”, Pigeon Hill, Quebec as well as on St. Kitts/Nevis, West Indies : Pelican Mall, St. Kitts for Dept. of Culture, St. Christopher Historical Society, St. Kitts, Café des Arts, Nevis.

Old Railroad Station, 416 Chemin Luke, St. Armand

For more informations :
Rosemary Sullivan – (450) 248-2524
La Biblio-Gare- (450) 248-4402

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