Totally unexpected : a significant donation of pottery equipment

Much to our surprise we were recently contacted by Mr. Frank Tucker of Tucker’s Pottery Supplies who let us know he wanted to help us by providing us with a brand-new automatic electric kiln. Wow !

Mr. Frank, who is a maker of electric kilns and a seller of pottery equipment and supplies for professional potters, after learning of the disastrous fire at the studio, indicated also his desire to contact his equipment suppliers.  We are so very grateful and touched by this kindness, generosity and involvement in the re-instating of our pottery studio. It has helped everything move along much faster than we thought possible.  We have just inaugurated the new kiln !

These companies associated with Tucker’s Pottery Supplies, have generously donated equipment :

  • Shimpo-Nidec – pottery wheels
  • Brackers Raku kiln kit
  • Giffin Grip – complete sets
  • Bailey’s slab roller, Bailey’s extruder, Bailey’s Die Kit at less than cost price

Plus, Tucker’s Pottery Supplies :

  • Automated electric kiln, vent master & furniture kit
  • Peter Pugger pugmill at cost price

A great, big, enormous thank you, Frank, for your complicity and encouragement and to the companies that have joined with you to support us.

Sara and Michel, Pigeon Hill, Quebec